Square Keychain – Making it Personal

  • January 14, 2021

Durably built to last just as long as your precious memories, the Square Keychain creates a wonderful stocking filler or house warming gift for any season or holiday. Most designers do their very best to craft your image onto the keychain that you select after the guidelines below: Preferred, pictures will usually be cropped to a face or head shot but if you like to have more added to the Square Keychain, please do not hesitate to specify in the order of preference: favorite photos, favorite songs, favorite movies, favorite television shows, etc. Please note that the Crystal will be made clear of any background marks, smudges, or fingerprints. The Square Keychain in this case is a gift for someone you love or care about, so if your recipient doesn’t care about these details, they will likely not care about the Square Keychain either. However, those who are interested in having a little something extra special and different in their lives will appreciate this gift!

You have many options when you are designing your Square Keychain. If you are able to find a photo of someone that you are particularly close to and that reminds you of them, by all means, use this photo. However, if this photo is older than ten years old or otherwise unsuitable, it may still be considered acceptable, depending on how creative you can get. Other options include a picture of the Square Keychain itself, a simple drawing, or a photograph of the Square Keychain itself.

After you have chosen your picture, you will want to use your most basic drawing skills and some creativity when you create your design. Make sure to leave a large enough “wedge” between your photo and your design for the photo to show up properly on the Square Keychain. If you are designing something using something other than a photograph, be sure to make sure that your drawing is detailed enough so that your Square Keychain does not look like an “illustration.” If you are using a photograph as your Square Keychain design, be as detailed as possible in using the photo. For example, you can draw a heart or a checkerboard on the photo using the basic shapes and shading that are available, or you can draw a detailed scene with the use of basic colors.

When you have finished your Square Keychain, you can then begin to personalize it for your recipient. If you know their personality and what types of things they enjoy doing, you can personalize your Square Keychain to reflect these activities. For example, if your Square Keychain is in the shape of a checkerboard, you can inscribe a message in the shape of a checkerboard onto it for your recipient. This will be a gift that they will hold dear and use often, making it an especially personal gift.

The message that you write on the Square Keychain should be something that your recipient will want to keep. You may have a lot of different ideas for your Square Keychain design, but this is not necessary. You may choose to simply include their name, their birthday, their new year, or any other special message that you want to put on the gift. You will be surprised how many different designs your Square Keychain can have once you begin personalizing it.

Remember that Square Keychain gifts do not need to be expensive. If you are able to get a high quality gift that will be enjoyed and used by the recipient, you will have done well. If you are having trouble coming up with a design, you may want to consider taking some time to think about who your recipient is and what their interests are. You will be surprised at how many unique Square Keychain gift ideas are available. Square Keychain gifts are a gift that will be cherished and used often.

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