Personalizing Your Crystal Photo Blocks

  • May 12, 2021

If you love your photos, then consider adding them to your collection of crystal photo gifts. Photo crystal gifts come in several different styles and sizes. They can be used for your personal enjoyment or they can be enjoyed as beautiful works of art. Here are some ideas to help you choose the right crystal photo gifts for your photo collection:

Photo Crystal Gifts – The most common way to enjoy your crystal photo gifts is to use them on a tabletop, or perhaps as part of a larger set of crystal photo blocks. A popular way to use your photo crystal gifts is to engrave them directly onto a surface, for example, a beautiful wooden picture frame, tabletop, or even your arm. These wonderful 3D image laser-cut crystals can bring your favorite photos to life as you’ve never seen them before. These beautiful blocks make a beautiful keepsake, ornament, or holiday gift with just the touch of a button.

Light Base – Most photo crystal gifts come with a light base that is easily removed and which protects the crystal from scratches. These wonderful light bases come in many different sizes ranging from small, almost unnoticeable, squares to larger, heavier squares that provide added stability for larger items. Some popular light bases include acrylic, glass, metal and wood. The acrylic crystal photo blocks are wonderful when you want a unique look, but don’t want the light base to fall off. Because the acrylic blocks are quite heavy, they also protect your photo crystals from damage by ensuring they do not shatter.

Engraving – Adding an elegant touch to a crystal photo block is easily accomplished by using an engraving machine. Photo engraving machines allow you to quickly and easily create high quality, professional looking photo engravings that will last for years. Many people use engraved photo blocks as a part of the Christmas decorations. You can add an image of you and a message, usually along with a poem, by adding these engraved blocks to a holiday ornament.

Prices and Options – While there are a number of different crystal photo gift ideas available, the price range varies depending on the type and size of the crystal photo block, engraving option and options for engraving. Some popular choices for pricing include: single crystal photo, one piece crystal photo block, double crystal photo block, laser engraved crystal photo block, and acrylic photo block. While prices for these blocks tend to be higher than others, you can find great deals online. Plus, when shopping online, you are able to shop for products and rates at the same time! With online shopping, you can find a variety of great shopping discounts, so you can get the perfect crystal photo gift for that special someone.

Collage Format – Another great option to personalize your crystal photo block is to use collage as a backing for it. Collage can be created through many different methods, and can be made from scrapbooking supplies. This will give your photo block that extra personal touch, with you creating the backdrops for the photos, and choosing the materials to place them on. You may want to make a collage on a larger scale than your crystal photo block, for larger backdrops or portraits. If this is the case, you will want to look into an electronic collage kit, which will allow you to transfer your photos onto a collage background using a PC.

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